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  6. Hey  , looking for any other fellow scripters to play vanilla with and shit on some weak ass noobs if your interested and can confirm that you have scripts add my steam at Steam Community :: Cambridge
    With discord Cambridge#0123

  7. Cant get into the new discord

  8. sheeesh


  9. Welcome to my profile, I'm an administrator and reseller of diablo, if you have any questions please message me on here or contact me via Discord. 

    Discord - mb#0868 (763414717703782450)

    Official diablo Discord - https://diablo.pub/discord

    If you have any issues with our product(s) then create a ticket in our Discord server.

  10. wow char is such a hotty


  11. https://discord.gg/FPUhnJQtGA for super quick and easy checkout with payments diablo does not support.

  12. Listen buddy, I'm simply ballin' on my mother. 

  13. +rep gave me an account when i was really poor in life and now im out of college with a masters degree in pornography.


    1. Taken
    2. blhury


      plz buy me private


  14. sup gang, i love yall <3

  15. Hello Public service announcement! Diablo for win p++11++, hits p11000 head


  16. Limited Stock Warning ⚠️

    Currently Undetected on Rust (safe for use)

    Last Detection: N/A

    Rust Script: diablo rust script, control recoil perfectly with ease, browse our features more in depth below. This product does not interact with Rust in any way and is fully external from the game.

    This product does not expire, it is a permanent one time purchase. No need to pay a subscription.

    Private Access

    • gain access to a separate version of the script
      • this version will have a separate build and is limited to 10 slots
      • due to the script being public, having private access would mean if there was a detection, you would be unaffected
      • gain access to a separate version of the script with its own unique signature on disk & in memory
    • each member that purchases private access versions will be manually approved by admin
    • private members will receive prioritised support
    • private users will be able to request 1 feature each that we will add (*they have to be reasonable and safe)
    • being a private access rust script user will grant you more trust level within the diablo ranks, making it easier to attain other private products in the future
    • access to alpha builds, updates will be rolled out to private users earlier


    • menu that overlays rust
      • configurable in the keys section, default key is insert + menu colour is configurable
    • mini menu
      • visualises the on/off state + the current weapon, attachment & barrel selected
    • recoil compensation for all weapons
      • assault rifle, lr-300, mp5, thompson, custom smg, m249, sar, sap, m39, m92, revolver, python & nailgun
    • recoil compensation for all attachments
      • 8x, 16x, holosight & simple handmade sight
    • recoil compensation for all barrels
      • silencer, muzzle boost & muzzle brake
    • customisable keybinds with configs
      • remembers your keybinds and options when exiting (hidden config file)
    • navigation sections
      • recoil, advanced, misc & settings sections on our user friendly menu


    • smart magazine
      • recognises when you have 0 bullets in your clip and stops the script until you have reloaded or swapped weapons to prevent the script working with an empty clip
    • furnace splitter
      • automatically splits ores for you on a keybind you set
    • force full auto
      • compatible with semi automatic weapons, turns semi automatic weapons into automatic weapons, simply hold right click and left click and it'll control and spray
    • auto detects sensitivity & fov and adjusts the script
      • automatically grabs sensitivity & fov and adjusts instantly (does not interact with the game)
    • auto detection for all weapons
      • automatically detects the weapon that is being held and adjusts the script accordingly, works for all weapons (does not interact with the game)
    • auto detects crouch button
      • when in a crouching or standing stance the severity of spray adjusts for m249 and semi automatic weapons, diablo detects your crouch key to ensure recoil compensation in any crouching or standing stance
    • auto detects movement keys
      • when moving left to right, forward & backwards, the severity of the spray adjusts for m249 and semi automatic weapons, diablo detects your movement keys to ensure recoil compensation in any movement
    • quick tap firing
      • tap firing with the script will not cause issues, it will adjust accordingly
    • re-aim control
      • if you begin hip firing in an un-ads state the script will know if you begin to ads and begin to control from that position without issues
    • cursor check
      • checks for cursor visibility so that the script only works when you are truly ready to use it
    • script only works in Rust
      • script only works in the rust window to prevent the spray going off whilst you browse through your cat picture collection
    • sounds
      • beeps for when keybinds are hit
    • fast code lock
      • enter your code into the menu and enter a keybind, press the keybind when entering your code and it'll instantly type it for you
    • auto upgrade (bgrade)
      • (bgrade) enter the keybind and material and it'll instantly upgrade for you when you are holding a hammer
    • anti afk
      • moves your character from right to left for when you're afk
    • crosshair
      • option to hide on ads and customise colour

    Hipfire Options

    • always control hip-fire
      • when the cursor isn't visible the script will control the spray when you begin aiming down sights, or un-ads (it will always control hipfire)
    • control hip-fire on ADS
      • will control hipfire when you have begun shooting and un-ads
    • never control hip fire
      • will never control hipfire


    • movement exaggeration amount (%)
      • movement exaggeration amount (%)
    • movement exaggeration chance (%)
      • % slider for the chance an exaggeration happens
    • x,y control amount sliders
      • % sliders for x,y axis', ability to make fake hand cams
    • blatant/legit mode
      • blatant mode fixes weapon animations which results in a smooth 0 recoil, untick it for a more realistic spray (both options are safe)

    Protection & Security

    • undetected since release
      • undetected on EAC/VAC
    • hidden when alt tabbing
      • program hides when you alt tab
    • hidden from task bar
      • programs is hidden from your taskbar
    • runs in the background
      • program runs hidden in the background
    • encrypted and obfuscated executable file
      • protection from reverse engineering and eac
    • custom builds
      • 100% on disk signature differences between each file
    • user information hashed
      • user information is hashed and is safely saved on our secure servers
    • file compatible for spoofer users
      • open diablo at any time, before or after spoofing without issues
    • automated downloads and credentials
      • no need to login as builds are generated through your forum account
    • easy to reset hwid's for new computers or components
      • log monitor serials, hdd and many other serials
    • virtual input flag removal

    System Requirements

    • windows 10
      • 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909, 2004, 20H2 are all supported
    • non-virtualised environment
      • you must be on your actual pc, not a virtual machine
    • 7.1 mb of disk space for installation
      • USB drive is a recommended file path for installation, however not needed
    • stable internet connection
  17. freshy is lowkey too fresh

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